iPhone / iPad – eduroam configuration

Basic information

The iPhone / iPad can detect wireless network parameters and the first login to eduroam is easy for the user. There is no authentication server check – automatic configuration is not secure.

The created configuration can only be edited manually if you are in range of eduroam. Easier way is to download prepared configuration from eduroam Configuration Assistent Tool (eduroamCAT).

The password for eduroam is different from the password for school systems. You can set or change it at https://eduroam.vse.cz/password/.

If you’re unable to connect, check out the most common connectivity issues.

Using configuration from eduroamCAT

In Safari (!) open https://cat.eduroam.org/, download configuration for Prague University of Economics and Business, and follow the instructions.

Manual configuration

We assume that you are within range of the eduroam network.

  1. In the setup menu, tap Wi-Fi. You will see a list of available Wi-Fi networks. Find the eduroam network and click on it.

  2. Fill in your username (including @ vse.cz) and your eduroam password. Touch Join.

  3. After entering the correct login data, it is necessary to enable the certificate of the VŠE authentication server. Verify that it has the name radius.vse.cz and has been issued by GEANT OV RSA CA 4 (intermediate CA name). Touch Trust.

  4. After confirming the authentication server, you will be connected to the eduroam wireless network.

  5. Once connected, we recommend downloading and using the configuration from cat.eduroam.org.