Android – VPN configuration

Client installation

AnyConnect from Cisco Systems is available in Google Play store.
Use the standard procedure for installing applications.

Configuration, startup

      1. The first time you start up, you must set the connection parameters. Click Connection.
      2. Fill in the appropriate description and enter as the server address. Save the connection parameters.
      3. After setting, return to the home screen. Move the Off slider to the second position.
      4. The client will then ask you for your username and password.
      5. After you enter your credentials, you may be asked if you trust the app. Confirm confidence.
      6. After connecting, the client’s welcome screen is displayed, showing the connection status. You can also disconnect from the school VPN here. The VPN connection also announces the key in the upper notification area. You can also close the connection via it.
      7. On the Welcome screen, click Details to see connection statistics, routing tables, and other data

Alternative client

You can also try to use the alternative client OpenConnect. According to our tests, it is functional, but it is not supported by us.