Android – eduroam configuration

Basic information

The manual is designed for Android version 4.0 and later. Versions 1.x and 2.x are not supported and may not work (cryptographic algorithm incompatibility).

The user-friendly setting supported by the operating system is not secure because the authentication server (its name and certification authority) is not checked. In Android 4.3 and later, use the eduroamCAT configuration application to set up.

The password for eduroam is different from the password for school systems. You can set or change it at

If you’re unable to connect, check out the most common connectivity issues.

Configuration using eduroamCAT

Install the eduroamCAT application and download the configuration for the Prague University of Economics and Business.

  1. You must have a screen lock set – otherwise the application cannot download and set up a certificate.

  2. Get eduroamCAT from Google Play.

  3. You must be connected to the Internet to run the application. In the application you choose the home organization – Prague University of Economics and Business. The application will download configuration for users from VŠE from including certificate.

  4. Then enter the user name (do not forget @ and the eduroam password in the application. A secure profile is created to connect to eduroam or overwrite an existing profile. It is advisable to be within the reach of the eduroam network.

The user interface of the application is terrible, but access to eduroam will secure you. Android itself does not allow secure connection settings (authentication server name cannot be specified).
After setting up eduroam and verifying its functionality, you can uninstall eduroamCAT (the app is no longer needed for the connection).

Screen lock settings

Android supports multiple ways to lock your screen. To install a certificate, you need a higher level of security:
• Swipe – not enough
• gesture (character) – probably not enough
• PIN – sufficient
• password – sufficient
• Fingerprint – from version 5.1, on some manufacturers even 5.0, sufficient
• bracelet / watch / ring – external device connected via bluetooth, we do not know
• user’s face – we do not know
Screen lock settings – instructions from Google.

First connection without security

The first connection to eduroam is user-friendly. Unfortunately, the certificate and certificate server authentication settings are missing. Once connected, either download eduroamCAT or install the certificate and complete the configuration manually. There is no need for a screen lock for an unsecured connection, for further security yes.

  1. Find and tap Settings in the menu. Next, touch Wi-Fi to continue (the path can be different in various Android versions).

  2. A list of available Wi-Fi networks will be displayed. Find and click on the eduroam network.

  3. You will see the network settings, which you will fill in according to the attached picture (EAP method: PEAP, Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2, CA certificate not to be filled (or Do not validate), Anonymous identity: not to be filled, Identity:, Password: eduroam password). Click on Connect to continue.

  4. If you have filled in correctly, you will be shown the list of available networks again, with the text Connected next to the eduroam network. Now you can close the settings, your device is connected to the eduroam network.

Certificate installment

Screen lock must be set – otherwise the certificate cannot be set.

Download your USERTrust RSA Certification Authority certificate in your device’s default browser. When installing the certificate, you will be asked for the name of the certificate, enter a meaningful name.

If you have a question about using a certificate, choose Wi-Fi:

To install the certificate you can try other ways – send it by e-mail, copy it from your computer, etc. You can download the certificate directly from USERTrust RSA Certification Authority website (DER format, .crt file extension).

Eduroam configuration editing

Only the certificate authority can be set manually, the authentication server name cannot be specified. You can also edit without connecting to the eduroam network.

  1. Find and tap Settings in the menu. Continue with Wi-Fi. You should see a list of available and known networks. Long-click on eduroam until you see a menu with the option to edit the configuration.

  2. Find the CA Certificate parameter and select the name you entered when installing the certificate from the menu:

  3. Optionally enter an anonymous identity: