About the network

Eduroam is a wireless network operated by research and education institutions that provide connectivity to users across Europe and some other continents. Users should be able to connect with their username and password “Otevřít notebook a být online” wherever the wireless network eduroam is available.

The idea originated within TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association). Now eduroam is managed by the successor organization GÉANT. The goal is to interconnect all subscriber networks so that a user of one network can connect to any of them under their account (maintained in the home network). It means users from our school can connect to the Internet in buildings of other participants of eduroam in the Czech Republic and Europe.

Connection Parameters for Users from VŠE

Username/identity: username@vse.cz
Password: set it on eduroam.vse.com/heslo eduroam
Wireless Network Name (SSID): eduroam
Connection Parameters: WPA2-enterprise, AES encryption
User Authentication with username and password, we support two profiles: TTLS+MSCHAPv2 and PEAP+MSCHAPv2
Authentication Server Name radius.vse.cz
CA of Authentication Server USERTrust RSA Certification Authority
Anonymous Identity optional, anonymous@vse.cz
Domain do not fill

When using the eduroam network, it is necessary to follow the connection rules.

Configuration Procedure

  1. Set your password for eduroam.
  2. Configure eduroam on the device. Use one of the following options. It is advisable to be within range of the eduroam wireless network when setting up.
    • Download the configuration program/configuration script for your device (e.g. via mobile data or home Wi-Fi) from cat.eduroam.org. The program/script sets parameters – you just enter username (including @vse.cz) and password to eduroam.
    • Or, set your own parameters according to a manual for the particular operating system:
      • Windows 10
      • Android
      • iPhone/iPad
      • macOS/MacOS X
      • Linux