Configuration of eduroam

To connect, you need:

  1. A device equipped with WiFi wireless technology – the radio part complies with the 802.11 standard, the equipment must also comply with applicable laws and standards in the Czech Republic (see General Authorization of the Czech Telecommunication Office), the network card / equipment supports WPA / WPA2 and encrypt the password with MSCHAPv2.

  2. Set a separate eduoram password – you need to know your school username and school password. You can change your eduroam password at any time.

  3. Configure the network connection correctly, ie the parameters from the following table. You can use prepared eduroamCAT configurations or to configure them manually.

Connection Parameters for Users from VŠE

Password: set it on eduroam
Wireless Network Name (SSID): eduroam
Connection Parameters: WPA2-enterprise, AES encryption
User Authentication with username and password, we support two profiles: TTLS+MSCHAPv2 and PEAP+MSCHAPv2
Authentication Server Name
CA of Authentication Server USERTrust RSA Certification Authority
Anonymous Identity optional,
Domain do not fill

If the first five parameters are set incorrectly, you will not be connected. If you do not set the authentication server name and certification authority to verify the authenticity of the authentication server, anyone can intercept and read your Internet communications (collect passwords, read your messages, send data on your behalf, …).

Configuration Procedure

  1. Set your password for eduroam.
  2. Configure eduroam on the device. Use one of the following options. It is advisable to be within range of the eduroam wireless network when setting up.
  • Download the configuration program/configuration script for your device (e.g. via mobile data or home Wi-Fi) from The program/script sets parameters – you just enter username (including and password to eduroam.
  • Or, set your own parameters according to a manual for the particular operating system:
      • Windows 10
      • Android
      • iPhone/iPad
      • macOS/MacOS X
      • Linux

Settings with eduroamCAT

GÉANT (European eduroam administrator), in cooperation with eduroam organizations, has prepared configuration programs and configuration scripts for various operating systems – eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool.

At select the Prague University of Economics and Business and then you will be offered to download configurations / programs for specific operating systems.

  • For MS Windows operating systems, a configuration application with parameters for users is downloaded from @ After starting the application, the eduroam parameters are set.

  • For Apple macOS or Apple iOS, the configuration that Safari can handle for eduroam settings is downloaded.

  • For Android, first install eduroamCAT application from Google Play (common to all connected institutions). When you first start the application, you will be asked about the home organization (Prague University of Economics and Business or Prague University of Economics and Business) and download the configuration for it.

  • Linux – download installation script with specific parameters for users @

Anonymous identity

In realm @ we support anonymous identity – if you connect to eduroam in a foreign network (at another school), the service (access point manager) will not know your identity. Only will be in the logs.

But it is not absolute anonymity – employees of the Department of Network Infrastructure of the University of Economics are able to trace the anonymous identity and the real identity under which the user authenticated to eduroam.

Configuration applications / scripts from set anonymous identity.