iPhone / iPad – VPN configuration

Client installation

There are two Cisco Systems clients available from the Apple store:
Cisco AnyConnect – requires iOS 10.0 and later
Cisco Legacy AnyConnect – older version, supports iOS from 6.0 version.

Depending on your iOS version, install the app as usual. The following slides are from a newer client.

Configuration, connection
        1. The first time you start the application, you need to define a connection. Click Connect.
        2. Enter a suitable description and enter vpn.vse.cz as the server address. Save the settings.
        3. When saving, a warning appears that AnyConnect can monitor network activity. Allow it.
        4. Turn on VPN in the app’s welcome screen.
        5. A user name and password prompt appears. After entering, click Connect.
        6. Upon successful connection, the client startup screen is displayed. You can see you’re connected. A VPN connection also indicates VPN in the upper notification area.
        1. Click Details to see statistics. Diagnostic information is displayed via the Diagnostics button at the bottom