macOS – VPN configuration

Download and installation of AnyConnect client

Use Safari to connect to In the form, enter the login data for the school VPN, i.e. the login name including and password for eduroam.

The client download page is displayed and eventual installation instructions are displayed. Download the client.
Run the installation file after downloading.

Configuration, connection

TODO – we don’t have a macOS computer now, so we can’t take the right screenshots.
Enter server, username including @ and password to eduroam.
See the following tutorials:

Connecting with Cisco AnyConnect (Mac OS)
Configuring macOS to access the IT Services VPN Service using the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

Using VPN Client from macOS

According to Configuring the native VPN client on macOS it is possible to connect using a VPN client integrated into macOS. We didn’t try.