Internet at VŠE

At the Prague University of Economics and Business, you have many options for Internet connection or else connection to the school network. This web provides information on all connectivity options, including the steps of how to connect and tips for troubleshooting.

The following connections are available:

  • eduroam wireless network, which is the primary connection of users to the network in the Žižkov, Jižní Město campuses, recreational areas Dobronice, Nicov, Točná and Třebešín. This network is also available in the dormitories; however the following connection method is preferred there. Access is made using login information different from the school login information (InSIS), which can be obtained at
  • fixed network (so called ethernet), which is the primary connection of users to the network in the dormitories of Jarov, Jižní Město and Rooseveltova kolej (Roosveltova dormitory). Furthermore, the network is used to connect employees in offices and computers for lectures (in computer rooms). School login information (to InSIS) is used for access.
  • wireless network of, which is intended for hotel guests staying in VŠE dormitories. Hotel guests receive access to this network at the reception of their dormitory.
  • wireless network of, which is designed to connect guests invited to VŠE (e.g. conference participants, guests of xPort or foreign departments etc.). Access data can be obtained in several ways about which competent employees are informed.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network), which is designed for connection to the VŠE network for example from home. To access this network use the same access data as to the eduroam network, is is set at the same location (