Terms of use

The rules for using eduroam are defined by roaming policy of this network. Users have the following obligations:

  • Every roaming user is obliged to abide by roaming conditions of the host and home network and the principles of acceptable use of the CESNET academic networksee www.cesnet.cz.
  • Every roaming user is obliged to respond immediately to the challenges and instructions of the network management of the host and home network and the Cesnet roaming center.
  • Each roaming user is fully responsible for the misuse of his / her personal data (password, certificate, etc.) allowing him / her to access the network.

For users from VŠE (home users) and for users using part of the network in the administration of VŠE (users at the premises of VŠE and within reach of access points in the administration of VŠE), the use of the service is subject to Rector´s Order 1/2007 .

Acceptable use policy

The principles of acceptable use of the CESNET academic network imply that users may not use this network for activities that:

  • allow or attempt to gain unauthorized access to resources of connected networks

  • infringe intellectual property rights

  • adversely affect the operation of the network or its individual services, prevent users from accessing these services, jeopardize the operation of the network or unduly limit its performance

  • waste network capacity

  • destroy the integrity of information stored on computers and other network elements

  • restrict user privacy.

Network restrictions at VŠE

  • IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.

  • IPv4 address is assigned by DHCP,

  • IPv6 address is assigned through automatic configuration (via router notification),

  • Direct communication between individual connected devices is not allowed.

  • Inbound operation (operation initiated from outside) is not allowed, ie if you run a web server on your laptop, for example, it will not be accessible from the outside.

  • smtp (outgoing mail from the client) is only allowed on smtp servers that use TLS authentication and encryption (usually port 465 / tcp or 587 / tcp). Users from VŠE can use server smtp.vse.cz – description of settings is on vc.vse.cz.

  • use of Peer to Peer (P2P) networks such as DirectConnet, Kazaa or eDonkey is not permitted.
  • the connection speed is limited to 2 Mbps from external networks.

Network monitoring

The operation of all computer networks at VŠE is monitored in accordance with Rector´s Order 1/2007.

The following data is monitored and logged in the eduroam network:
(in accordance with the Eduroam Roaming Policy of the Czech Federation)

  • information on exact time authentication requests,

  • DHCP transactions – assigned IP addresses to MAC addresses in a period of time,

These data are kept for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 1 year.

Access blocking

In causa of violation of the rules, the user may be restricted (blocked) from access to the eduroam network and possibly restricted to other parts of the computer network of VŠE – see Rector´s Order 1/2007.

Sometimes it happens that the computer spreads unwanted operation even without the knowledge of the computer owner – these are different viruses and similar vermin. In this causa too, the user will be blocked from accessing the network, as he does not properly take care of the device being used. Therefore, take sufficient care to keep your computer secure.

The blocking and remedy procedure is the same as for computers at the dormitory.