Windows 10 – VPN configuration

Download and installation of a client

On notebooks with a school installation of Windows 7 or Windows 10, the client is already installed.
your web browser, connect to In the form, enter the login data for the school VPN, i.e. the login name including @ and the password for eduroam.

The client download page is displayed and any installation instructions are displayed. Download the client.

After downloading the installation file, run it. You must confirm the license terms and then install it. You must have permission to install apps or know your administrator login.
We recommend that you restart your operating system after installation.


Run the client in the menu (Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client) or via the icon in the notification area (bottom right).

At startup, enter the name of the VPN server:

Then enter your eduroam login and password. You must enter the password each time you log in, the other parameters will be remembered.
If you enter an incorrect username or password, the Login failed window will appear again with the message Login failed.

When the connection is successful, a connection notification appears briefly. The client icon in the notification area will be locked. Click the icon to display the connection status and the option to disconnect.

Click on the gear to view detailed data – statistics, routing tables, logs. The data is used to diagnose connection problems.